Work with us

We know how important it is to balance personal and professional life. That, in addition to financial security, work should also give room for personal and career growth. We see creating pleasant working conditions as one of our core tasks.

Emphasis on craft and sharing of experience

We want to bring together experts with decades of professional experience in construction, management or finance together with young, not so experienced but often very passionate graduates of construction schools.

Therefore, in addition to building our own team, we place emphasis on cooperation with secondary and higher education institutions. For example, within the framework of a partnership programme with the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Brno University of Technology, we work on opportunities for the development of young talents in the form of internships and mentoring with a focus on real-life practice. We want to develop the level of cooperation in the future, for example by directly educating students in the field of lightweight envelopes, which is practically impossible to study in the Czech Republic, yet it is a very attractive field for students.