About us

Combining greatness with craftsmanship

Our vision is to become a strong European player that can handle large and demanding contracts in all areas of the construction industry while maintaining high quality craftsmanship.

First Republican Values

Values like decency, honesty and responsibility are in our DNA. We believe that every building is a commitment for decades to serve and add to the character of cities or the open countryside. That is why we do not consider profit as the measure of our success, but quality of workmanship.

Personal story

Václav Stehno, the founder of THIERRA, started in the construction industry as an assembler. Later, he started his own company, Alglas, focused on the supply of lightweight building envelopes, which within a few years established itself as a leader in its field.

The main motivation for setting up his own construction concern was dissatisfaction with relations and market conditions. In addition to honesty and decency, THIERRA also brings to the construction business an emphasis on the use of digital technology and modern management methods to minimise operating costs.

I worked my way up to owning my own construction company from scratch, starting out as a line fitter. Thanks to this I know what conditions prevail in the construction industry and how to set the climate of the company so that people are satisfied and the result is as good as possible. I want to help the creation of quality architecture, so that something of value is left behind.

Václav Stehno, Founder

Own know-how

Our strategy is to gradually build up divisions and subsidiaries that will develop the Group's expertise and help us cover all key construction phases.

We cooperate intensively with the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Brno University of Technology, where we offer young talents the opportunity for professional development in the form of internships or mentoring.


Strong vision

We also plan to move from residential construction into the office, logistics, industrial and transport construction segments.

In the future, technology and manufacturing companies, such as glassworks, should also become part of the Group.